Daytime Tea Time Exposed, Tasha K VS Candice – BEEF UPDATE (MUST SEE) 😱

Daytime Tea Time Candice Exposed, Tasha K VS Candice BEEF UPDATE (MUST SEE) 😱

OMG! If you aren’t updated let me fill you in! What’s good y’all on this video I need y’all to chat with me because I will be talking about my favorite YouTuber Daytime Tea Time Candice and her beef with Tasha K better known as unwine with tasha k. It appears Candice’s Google account was hacked which is connected to her YouTube as well as other social media sites and security platforms. Click play to catch the details on why they are mad! (Daytime Tea Time channel

(Unwinewithtashak channel

For a long time she has made videos without showing her face and now she finally decided to do a face reveal. Drop your thoughts in the comments.

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