June 30, 2018 Author: ddnnews Getty Kylie Jenner’s not much for public appearances these days, which is why it’s so shocking she’s already out for a stroll with Stormi or at least a few tourists thought she was. Kylie’s spot-on wax figure was placed out in front of the children’s boutique, Eggy, in WeHo and it’s definitely worthy […] Read More

ive watched too many Kardashian

June 30, 2018 Author: rose-queer ive watched too many Kardashian episodes.. i just typed cardigan with a k Author: rose-queer Read More

Ok follow me for a

June 30, 2018 Author: melnkoliclar Ok follow me for a second… What if Kardashian’s aren’t even related at all and they are all actors who look alike and play a “family” to control society and people’s trends. Author: melnkoliclar Read More

Keeping Up With The Kardashians: An Anthropological Analysis

June 30, 2018 Author: ofvernacular            Reality Television, although greatly fabricated by producers for social appeal and entertainment ratings, acts as a very explicit window into the lives of elite members of society that dictate the popular culture of that society. For consumers of western media, there are no pop cultural icons bigger than […] Read More

Kim Kardashian and President Trump are reportedly meeting, and the internet can’t cope

June 30, 2018 Author: yahoo-style-uk–186-yahoopartner Kim Kardashian is reportedly headed to the White House. (Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Business of Fashion)Her husband, Kanye West, is a fan. Her former stepfather, Caitlyn Jenner, calls him the “worst president we have ever had” regarding LGBTQ rights. And while Kim Kardashian may have supported Hillary Clinton in 2016, she’s […] Read More

The Kardashian curseIt has begun

June 30, 2018 Author: shorty-z The Kardashian curse It has begun Author: shorty-z Read More

young pregnant girl rants about

June 30, 2018 Author: manic-supersonic young pregnant girl rants about kylie jenner ok i just need to rant for a minute. this video and all the news coverage is just really hitting too close to home for me. i’m due to have my baby in about two weeks but i don’t get to have the perfect life that […] Read More

Shady: Brody Jenner Didn’t Know His Sister Kylie Jenner Was Pregnant

June 30, 2018 Author: newscultofficial Jason Merritt/ Ethan Miller/Getty Images Brody Jenner, if you didn’t know already, is Kylie Jenner’s Half brother. But apparently these two aren’t that close, since her older bro was left out of the loop about her being pregnant. Brody found out about being an uncle, when Kylie gave Read More

Kylie Jenner Poses for Sexy Sports Car Photo Shoot

June 30, 2018 Author: ddnnews Kylie Jenner’s latest photo shoot could be titled – Things That Make You Go Vroom Vroom … but there are a lot of other options, too. Kylie shared a few pics of herself hanging out Saturday night in an all-black getup – crop top and patent leather pants – in front of a […] Read More

we all saw her sextape

June 30, 2018 Author: tatortottitties we all saw her sextape. kim k can’t suck dick to save her life so how tf did she get famous Author: tatortottitties Read More