Twitter Reacts To All Three Will Smiths Trending on Social Media

Twitter Reacts To All Three Will Smiths Trending on Social Media

Will Smith was the top trend on social media on Friday (October 16) – however, it might not be the Will Smith that you’re thinking of.

Instead of the trend being about the -year-old actor, it was about Will Smith, the Atlanta Braves pitcher AND Will Smith, the Los Angeles Dodgers’ catcher.

The two athletes squared off each other tonight when the Dodgers’ Will took the plate and hit not just one, but three home runs against the Braves’ Will.

Twitter erupted seeing the epic showdown, and got Will, the actor, involved in some of the funny reactions.

“Will the real Will Smith please stand up?” the Dodgers‘ official Twitter account poked fun at the situation.

Another account broke down what happened in list form: “SCORE UPDATE:
– Congrats to Will Smith
– Condolences to Will Smith
– Will Smith homered off Will Smith with two outs in the sixth
– That three-run shot makes it 4–2 Dodgers
– Will Smith wins
– Will Smith loses
– Too many Wills Smith.”

A fan of the actor tweeted this: “I saw Will Smith trending and feared the worst.
Turns out, it’s two baseball players named Will Smith.”

Click inside to see all the funny reactions about the three Will Smiths…


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