Day: June 25, 2018

Do You Want To Know A Secret!

June 25, 2018 Author: rexsikes Do You Want To Know A Secret! “I want to share a secret. It is an open secret, meaning everyone should know it, but few actually do. By knowing, remembering and applying this secret your life can radically transform. It is unfortunate more people don’t realize this and live Read More

Difference between Fantasy and Visioning

June 25, 2018 Author: lifestyledezine Difference between Fantasy and Visioning[r_img id=”13880″ a=”center” s=”full”][/r_img] Fantasy is unconscious dreaming. Visioning is conscious creating. I don’t fantasize, I vision! I choose to consciously create life, art, Love, and my life into existence. We, human, man, women, I Am the vision of god and life at its fullest Read More

I will not let the

June 25, 2018 Author: affirmationsandabundance I will not let the negative words of others influence how I internally feel about myself. Author: affirmationsandabundance Read More

Remember when 2 years ago

June 25, 2018 Author: not-a-witch-or-am-i Remember when 2 years ago I made a spell and put all my intention into going to America and meeting Tom Hiddleston and everyone told me it would be impossible? Because I was broke. Because I would never leave my country. Because I couldn’t afford meeting him and what are the odds I […] Read More

the anger used to build

June 25, 2018 Author: toivee the anger used to build up in my soul, bit by bit until the dam broke and I screamed like the roar of a waterfall. but not now. no, I am whole again Author: toivee Read More

A list of qualities I

June 25, 2018 Author: thethingsidonttellmyfriends A list of qualities I like about myself// (Manifesting a partner Part I) Style Sense of humor Ambition Refusal to settle Always want the best for my friends Honest about my opinions Can laugh about myself and make light of a bad situation Will go to the ends of the earth for my […] Read More

Do This To End Resentment!

June 25, 2018 Author: rexsikes Do This To End Resentment! “Stop envying others. Stop resenting others for what they have. Let go. Those feelings don’t help you. They harm you! When another does well in life, it should remind you that good can happen to anyone at any moment. Appreciate who you are and Read More

The Universe Is Listening

June 25, 2018 Author: buyessentialoilshere The Universe Is Listening If any of you reading this right now are going to roll your eyes when I start talking about the power of the universe and how it hears what we ask for, you’ll want to stop reading this now. ~ June is coming to a close and this month has […] Read More

i’m ready for the Universe

June 25, 2018 Author: intellect-and-insomnia i’m ready for the Universe to make me feel good things😌🍂 Author: intellect-and-insomnia Read More

I pray for a life

June 25, 2018 Author: finite-incantatem-7 I pray for a life where I don’t have to escape reality because the reality is the one I’ve been praying for. Author: finite-incantatem-7 Read More