Month: November 2023

Lenny Kravitz’s Dating History Includes Famous Names From Lisa Bonet to Nicole Kidman

November 30, 2023 The ‘American Woman’ artist recently opened up about his past relationships and he got candid about infidelity.  Source Read More

One Eagle-Eyed Fan Noticed Brad Pitt Looks Like All Of His Girlfriends And Now We’re Obsessed

November 30, 2023 I think we all know more about Brad Pitt than we do about some members of our family. He’s an international movie star, he works with a number of charities across the world, and he’s professionally good looking. What we apparently didn’t know until now is his ability to morph into whoever he’s in a […] Read More

Jen Shah Teaching Ab Workouts to Elizabeth Holmes in Prison

November 30, 2023 This summer, we heard claims that Jen Shah is acting as a mentor for her fellow inmates. The narrative here is that many of them came from disadvantaged backgrounds. And Jen, as a Bravolebrity who once managed a wire fraud empire, could teach them a thing or two. But not everyone (else) behind bars has […] Read More

Bethany Joy Lenz Reveals How ‘One Tree Hill’ Costars Helped Her Leave a Cult

November 30, 2023 Bethany Joy Lenz is opening up about a very difficult time in her life. The 42-year-old One Tree Hill star was in a cult when she starred on the popular teen show, which aired from 2003 to 2012. The cult began as a home Bible study in Los Angeles and pushed her to isolate herself […] Read More

The One Thing We All Missed In ‘Home Alone’ And Other Fun Facts Behind The Movie

November 29, 2023 Everyone has that one particular Christmas that they must watch every year. Whether it’s Christmas Vacation, Elf, or Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer, one of the top films for the holiday season is Home Alone. The fact that an eight-year-old takes down two bizarre burglars is a treat to watch. However, no matter how many […] Read More

Prince William Reportedly Drops Major Hint He’s a Taylor Swift Fan

November 29, 2023 The Prince of Wales reportedly mentioned the ‘All Too Well’ singer during a conversation with Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood. Source Read More

Meghan Markle Could Be the Next Martha Stewart, Royal Family Fears

November 29, 2023 Could Meghan Markle become an American cultural institution like Martha Stewart? The same royal expert who shared the firm’s frustrations with King Charles’ failures to make peace says that the family fears this exact outcome. This is beyond the idea of Meghan and Harry continuing to upstage their head-of-state relatives. Meghan could, a royal expert […] Read More

Lily-Rose Depp Stars In Eerie First Look at ‘Nosferatu’ Movie, Release Date Revealed

November 29, 2023 We are getting the first look at Lily-Rose Depp in her upcoming horror movie Nosferatu! The 24-year-old The Idol actress will be starring as Ellen Hunter in the film, which is written and directed by Robert Eggers. Nosferatu is a remake of the 1922 silent film of the same name, which also had another remake […] Read More

These International Foods Have Been Banned From The United States At Some Point In Time

November 28, 2023 There are plenty of foods that are banned in the United States that are completely normal to eat in other countries. Lots of these foods seem so harmless, it’s a wonder why they are even banned at all in the U.S. From traditional Scottish delicacies to horse meat, you’re missing out on these foods in […] Read More

Restaurant Workers Shared The One Dish They Wouldn’t Order

November 28, 2023 If your first part-time job wasn’t in retail, it was likely working in fast-food or at a restaurant chain. Working in a restaurant teaches you patience, customer service, and all the gross secrets about food that you never wanted to know. For those of us who never got the chance to experience what life is […] Read More