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Jeff Bezos & Lauren Sanchez Hold Hands On Date Night In Santa Monica: Photos

August 13, 2022 Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez stepped out for a sexy night on the town in Santa Monica. The pair dined at famed Italian restaurant Giorgio Baldi. Source Read More

The Day Following His Third Arrest Of The Year, Ezra Miller Grinned Mischievously

August 13, 2022 One day after their third arrest of the year, the actor who goes by they/them was seen chilling out together with their mother, Marta Miller, on the porch of their Vermont home. The 29-year-old “Flash” star is now sporting a full mustache that curves upwards through the gaping smile they displayed in the media. They […] Read More

Drake Reveals Shocking New Face Tattoo For Mom Sandra: Photo

August 12, 2022 Drake has revealed a surprising new tattoo dedicated to his mother, Sandra. The new pic showed up in an Instagram gallery posted to his account. Source Read More

After His Late Wife Olivia Newton-John Passed Away, John Easterling Gave Her Appreciation

August 12, 2022 In a heartfelt homage to the “Grease” actress, John Easterling spoke of his love for his late wife Olivia Newton-John and lauded her “brave” personality. Two days after she passed away at age 73 after a protracted fight with breast cancer, he sent a message on Instagram to her in honor of her: “Olivia, our […] Read More

Australian brand launches stain-resistant clothes – Daily Mail

August 12, 2022 Australian clothing and tech label Threadsmiths created a revolutionary T-shirt that remains waterproof no matter how hard you try … Read More

Sarah Hyland Surprises Sofia Vergara In Sweet ‘Modern Family’ Reunion On ‘AGT’

August 11, 2022 ‘AGT’s season 16 winner Dustin Tavella pulled out an epic surprise for Sofia Vergara: her former ‘Modern Family’ co-star! Source Read More

Rebel Wilson Before I Ever Thought About Losing Weight, Olivia Newton-John Educated Me About Health

August 11, 2022 Before starting her 2020 weight loss quest, Rebel Wilson recounted how the legendary Olivia Newton-John, a passionate supporter of breast cancer awareness, instructed her about wellness. In an Instagram post mourning Newton-John, who passed away on Monday at the age of 73, Wilson, 42, wrote: “You attempted to teach me about health years before I […] Read More

Bethenny Frankel Shades Kim Kardashian’s Skincare Line: It’s ‘Impractical At Best’

August 10, 2022 Bethenny Frankel came for Kim Kardashian’s skincare line in a new TikTok video. The ‘Real Housewives of New York City’ star threw some major shade. See the video below! Source Read More

In Vermont, Burglary Charges Were Brought Against Ezra Miller

August 10, 2022 Authorities were informed of a break-in on May 1 in the town of Stamford, per a police statement. They became suspicious of the actor after seeing surveillance footage, who has been in the Fantastic Beasts series of movies. In Hawaii, Miller is accused of assault, and other women have accused him of abusing them. According […] Read More

Dominique Sharpton: 5 Things About Al Sharpton’s Daughter Who Was Revealed On ‘Claim To Fame’

August 9, 2022 Dominique Sharpton was eliminated on the all-new episode of ‘Claim To Fame.’ Dominique was correctly guessed to be Rev. Al Sharpton’s relative. Source Read More