10 Successful Actors Who NEVER Went To Acting School

10 Actors Who Said No To Acting School
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We all have that annoying friend who is good at everything. And sometimes it feels like it would take multiple lifetimes to master a skill that comes so naturally to them. Many actors
spend years under the finest tutelage to fully understand their craft. But for these lucky few, all they had to do was show up. Here are10 Actors Who Never Took an Acting Course.

Script by: L. Adams

Voice Over by: David Macri

Edited by: James T Stephens

Brad Pitt | 0:30
Jennifer Lawrence | 1:08
Chris Pratt | 1:38
Heath Ledger | 2:16
Tom Cruise | 2:53
Joaquin Phoenix | 3:25
Rosario Dawson | 4:04
Aziz Ansari | 4:38
Gerard Butler | 5:08
Russell Crowe | 5:49

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