13 Richest Celebs Under 25

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HOLY Moly, we all wish we had the kind of money these people do and guess what! This list is only talking about rich people under 25, and by rich people under 25 I mean rich celebrities, Duh… We’re Comin’ at you on Listed.

To be clear this list here is highlighting the 13 richest celebs under 25…

1. Taylor Swift $240 Mill
2. Justin Bieber $200 mill
3. Miley Cyrus $165
4. One Direction $150 million
5. Kristen Stewart $70mill
6. Emma Watson 60 million
7. Jenifer Lawerance: $53 Mill
8. Ed Sheeran- $57.mill
9. Taylor Lautner: $40 mill
10. Nick Jonas: 18Mill
11. Selena Gomez- $16 mill
12. Demi Lovato $15 Million
13. Ariana Grande Money 12 Mill

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