20 Celebrity Childhood Friends You Didn’t Know Have Been BFFs For Decades!

In Hollywood, romances come and go. But, apparently, friends are forever. It seems like there is an endless list of celebrity childhood friends. And, they’re not shy about professing their love for one another. Can you guess which celeb dedicated their SNL monologue to their BFF? Or, see if you know which famous starlet could not stop talking about how much she loved her best friend during an award ceremony.

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Even BFFs who’ve had the worst public fall-outs have kissed and made-up to continue their decades-long friendship. Other celebrity childhood friends have pretty much been joined at the hip since they first walked into the limelight together. Try to name the actor who has appeared in seven of his BFFs films?

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See if you can guess all 20 celebs who have been friends since childhood.


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