Day: May 1, 2018

New Hair Cut Funny Meme

May 1, 2018 New Hair Cut Funny Meme New Hair Cut, I don’t see it? Source Read More

Calvin Klein / Iconic Campaign + Shoppable Content

May 1, 2018 Author: donotbelievethehype You can feel the genius vibes going crazy inside Raf Simons’ brain, here. Author: donotbelievethehype Read More

Jennifer Lawrence Ranks the Kardashians with Andy Cohen

May 1, 2018 Author: newscultofficial CREDIT: Watch What Happens Live via YouTube Jennifer Lawrence’s obsession with the Kardashians is no secret. Thus it was quite difficult for her to even make an attempt to do what she was asked to on the Sophie’s Choice of challenges on Watch What Happens Live. Lawrence was asked Read More

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Adults Only Cuddle Up for Parents Date Without Stormi

May 1, 2018 Author: ddnnews Farah Miranda For the first time in about a month Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott got to relax and enjoy the sounds of the ocean instead of a screaming baby – on a parents-only date in Miami. The two found a sitter for Stormi (Grandma Kris? Auntie Kim?) on Sunday and hit up […] Read More

▬ kendall jenner. ▬

May 1, 2018 Author: summersinger View this collection on Polyvore ▬ kendall jenner. ▬ by disney-clipper ❤ liked on Author: summersinger Read More

Here’s What Paris Hilton Has To Say About Former Frenemy Kim Kardashian — Thought Catalog

May 1, 2018 Author: pulsenigeria Here’s What Paris Hilton Has To Say About Former Frenemy Kim Kardashian — Thought Catalog I’m here for the Paris HIlton/Kim Kardashian reunion. The Kardashians have been owning the limelight for over a decade now, so it’s easy to forget that once upon a time, they weren’t the aspirational figures Read More

Anyone else stays up late

May 1, 2018 Author: darkblue-cherry Anyone else stays up late at night thinking of couples and relationships agreements, like can the sext other people but no real sex? Or can they have sex with other people but nothing emotional? Do they have to tell? Do they rather not know? Has Kanye actually never cheated or is he just […] Read More

In my opinion, ways in

May 1, 2018 Author: geishasgirl In my opinion, ways in which the Royals are like the Kardashians: There are too many of them and only the hard-core fans know their names and can identify them. They keep multiplying. Have obscene fortune from doing nothing of great significance. For some strange reason, people care Read More

Kourtney Kardashian Bombarded For Selfies on Capitol Hill

May 1, 2018 Author: ddnnews Kourtney Kardashian was just like any ol’ senator or congresswoman walking through the hallways of the Capitol Tuesday in a suit and on a mission to change the law … until she was bombarded for selfies. The eldest Kardashian didn’t say much on her way to talk about regulating cosmetics and other personal […] Read More

Vince Staples On The Time He Tried To Infiltrate The Kardashians To ‘Save’ Kanye West

May 1, 2018 Author: pricelesspress Vince Staples is known for social media antics like starting a GoFundMe to get people to pay him to leave rap, but he outdid himself this time. In the midst of the controversy over Kanye’s recent tweets, Staples tweeted, “Last summer I tried to get Ye back for the set but it was […] Read More