Vince Staples On The Time He Tried To Infiltrate The Kardashians To ‘Save’ Kanye West

Vince Staples is known for social media antics like starting a GoFundMe to get people to pay him to leave rap, but he outdid himself this time.

In the midst of the controversy over Kanye’s recent tweets, Staples tweeted, “Last summer I tried to get Ye back for the set but it was just too white in there.” We reached out to him for clarity, and he told us he was faking a relationship with Kendall Jenner to “infiltrate the family on some Rob Mazur shit.” He then told us about the ‘Saturday Spirit dinner’ he was invited to:

“First of all, I knew wasn’t nothin’ flavorful gonna be cooked at something called “Saturday Spirit,” but I was really focused on gettin’ this done for the set. Niggas don’t even realize Kanye ghetto gospel. I done played the beginning of “Dark Fantasy” at truce meetings and made real killers hug. Niggas be thinkin’ bout they mamas. So when I hear gospel shit like “Father Stretch My Hands” and realize it’s coming from a Black Trump supporter with blonde hair, it’s hella weird. I guess it makes sense but anyway…

I go in there, hug Kendall, say hi to the family. Kylie called me every other rapper that night. I think she know too many cause I never heard of none of these niggas. She took like 8 snaps with me cause she kept calling me the wrong rapper. Eventually, I finally get Kanye away from the rest of them and I’m about to start workin’ on him. But I can’t just say ‘nigga you from Chicago tighten up.’ I gotta butter it up.


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