Day: May 6, 2018

May 03 #GratefulMay-Thank you, thank

May 6, 2018 Author: loamysecretmagic May 03 #GratefulMay -Thank you, thank you, thank you for the delicious sushi that I had with my friends – I’m grateful for been able to take a rest -im grateful for finishing my work early today – I’m grateful for the good whether – im grateful for the support that my friend […] Read More

Take care of your mind

May 6, 2018 Author: audiesense Take care of your mind – here’s why Read this story of the King and his 4 Wives “One day, the king fell ill and the truth dawned that his life was soon to end. He thought of the luxurious life he had led and feared being alone when he died. He asked […] Read More

Morning Mantra *26

May 6, 2018 Author: meonfocusblog I Can See It In My Mind, I know I Will Hold It In My Hand… Today we start reading the Mantra, is Friday we are all very tired and this Mantra is a statement of certainty, we are certain that we can achieve whatever is in our mind Read More

What About Those Nasty People And Circumstances?

May 6, 2018 Author: rexsikes What About Those Nasty People And Circumstances? “Who do you listen to? Who do you pay attention to? Who is, or are your teachers? When it comes to learning how open and available are you? How easily do you learn? Do you dabble? It is all up to you Read More

3 Days Quotes Challenge Day 2

May 6, 2018 Author: meonfocusblog 3 Days Quotes Challenge Day 2Hello All, today is 3 Days Quote Challenge Day 2! Thank you so much Not Easily Broken for nominating me for this challenge, it’s nice when bloggers get together and think about each other, so thank you so much 🙂 So here we go with Read More

I’m amazed at how

May 6, 2018 Author: finite-incantatem-7 I’m amazed at how quick the universe can pick up my thoughts Author: finite-incantatem-7 Read More

Here’s your cheese

May 6, 2018 Author: notsosweetheatherbee All they needed was more love. Pretty much everyone who grows up to be a criminal (with the exception on the insane) ended up there because they were missing love somewhere. I imagine that the worlds attention to media had to come from somewhere right? I mean, there Read More

Everything is happening for you

May 6, 2018 Author: joyous-living Everything is happening for you. Not against you. A good way to remember this is to be grateful for literally everything that happens to you, because it is all a gift. Then you will see the good in everything. You will know the good in everything. You will accept the gift and the […] Read More

The Law of Attraction

May 6, 2018 Author: loveluxuriously Hello! I recognize that many of you don’t want to hear about The Secret The self help book written by Rhonda Byrne. I came across this book while I was in Paris, I overheard a friend of mine talking about it and how it had changed her life, this only inspired me to […] Read More

As we gain conscious control

May 6, 2018 Author: subconsciousmindposts As we gain conscious control over our thoughts and align the mind and body with the light at the source of our beings, we will have the ability to fulfill our greatest potential. Author: subconsciousmindposts Read More