24 Crazy Celebrity Rumors That Are Almost Too Good To Be True

Crazy Celebrity Rumors Beyonce & Jay Z

Hollywood runs on gossip. Sometimes it’s hard to know if all those crazy celebrity rumors are true. Sources spill the beans about celebrity break-ups. Stylists, assistants, and others behind the scenes give us crazy stories about how entitled our favorite stars act when the cameras aren’t on them. Who in Hollywood said that she believes in mermaids? Which famous couple purchased tickets to Mars?

Crazy Celebrity Rumors Kanye West


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There are also times when crazy celebrity rumors are fueled by the celebrity herself. Remember when Adriana Lima said that she lives off of protein shakes nine days before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? Later, she backtracked and said that she was misunderstood. Yet, in the age of screenshots and YouTube what was said can’t ever really be unsaid.

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Keep reading to see how well you know your favorite stars and check out our roundup of crazy celebrity rumors to find out which are true and which you’ll have to decide for yourself!



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