3 Law of Attraction TRUTHS I Wish I Knew Earlier

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This video will show you 3 Law of Attraction TRUTHS I Wish I Knew Earlier. Transcript below…..

this video I’m going to be sharing with you three law of attraction truths that I wish I knew earlier. If I would have known these earlier, I would have saved so much time and I would have achieved my goals easier than ever. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now in this video, I’m going to be sharing with you three commonly understood law of attraction mindsets of the way we go about attracting what we want. I’m going to be showing you how it is completely outdated and how it only works from a certain, you could say level of consciousness and how when we shift that perspective, everything and our life can change and how also when we shift that perspective, things become so much easier because in the very beginning of my youtube channel, when I first started making daily videos, the main thing that I would promote was massive, massive action which did get me massive results.

However, the reason it got me massive results because I loved what I was doing. Even though I was working full time at the time I was working at Barneys New York selling woman’s shoes, I was also working 40 hours a week, uh, there and I was also working about 25 to 30 hours a week making daily videos because I made myself a choice. This is what I’m going to do. Bank daily videos. I did that and I got results. I was like massive action, massive action, massive action. However, the things I learned along the process has totally changed everything because while I still do what I love, obviously I’m making videos, still do daily videos. I woke up this morning and it’s the first thing I do every day, but it’s also what I love to do. But many times in my past, I look at my past and there’s been times that I would do and take massive action doing things consistently.

But if I wasn’t passionate about it, it wasn’t sustainable. Not only was it not sustainable, but it’s almost like things would happen to show me, hey buddy, this ain’t the thing to be doing. This isn’t what is actually going to get you results. So it’s about being in tune with that higher energy stream, understanding that when we’re doing what we’re passionate about, we are in a higher vibrational state. When we’re in a higher vibrational state, we manifest things easier than ever. So in this video I’m going to be sharing with you those three things I’ve learned in the last year and a half of a taking massive action and also things that I found that it made everything so much easier. Now, the first thing that most people that teach the Loa will tell you and the thing that you’ll learn, especially from the old school law of attraction books, I remember this is something that was in the book think and grow rich, which I think still is a great book.

However, there’s this understanding that when you transcend it, it changes absolutely everything, and it is this understanding. The first one is about the idea of desire. Most people believe that desire is the best thing. Desire is what gets you results, but all desire does is if it’s transferred into intention then is powerful. I’ll explain that in a minute, but the moment we say I really, really want something is the moment we vibrationally say, I really, really don’t currently have that something. So it’s about being aware of the vibrational resonance because we always get in life a reflection of what we believe and a reflection of our vibration. So that’s always reflected back to us. Now are we resonating with the vibration of the reality we want? If we say I really, really desire it, will the version of us that is already experiencing the reality we want.

They already have that which we want so they don’t have to desire it. So the key is seeing it from a new perspective because I’ve realized this is my own life. The more I needed really want something, the further away that thing goes because wanting and needing is a energy of desperation and it is also an energy that retracts whatever is in its field. So this is about being aware of the different levels of manifestation when it comes to where are we currently at? Because there are times that desire can be…
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This video is about 3 Law of Attraction TRUTHS I Wish I Knew Earlier

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