30 Movies We Can't Wait to See in 2019 | Hollywood Upcoming Movie Releases (Best 2019 Movies List)

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30 Movies We Can’t Wait to See in 2019 | Hollywood Upcoming Movie Releases (Best 2019 Movies List)

The previous year is already shaping up to be a pretty solid year at the movies. But there is a whole lot more to look forward to this year. The year 2019 is also very important for movies. Not only will it features the conclusion of ambitious (and bizarrely controversial) new Star Wars trilogy, it will also bring Jordan Peele’s follow-up to Get Out, the first Marvel film focused squarely on a female hero and a new Quentin Tarantino picture. And perhaps most importantly, we’ll finally get to see what Pikachu is like as a detective. Here, we’ve rounded up 30 movies set for release in 2019 that are already on our list. And yes, this is the best 2019 movies list for all crazy movie lover.

🌟 Hollywood Upcoming Movie Release Dates 2019:

Movie Name: Glass
release date: January 18, 2019

Movie Name: The Kid Who Would Be King
release date: January 25, 2019

Movie Name: Cold Pursuit
release date: February 8, 2019

Movie Name: Alita: Battle Angel
release date: February 14, 2019

Movie Name: How to Train Your Dragon
release date: February 22, 2019

Movie Name: Captain Marvel
release date: March 8, 2019

Movie Name: Us
release date: March 22, 2019

Movie Name: The Beach Bum
release date: March 22, 2019

Movie Name: Dumbo
release date: March 29, 2019

Movie Name: Pet Sematary
release date: April 4, 2019

Movie Name: Shazam
release date: April 5, 2019

Movie Name: Hellboy
release date: April 12, 2019

Movie Name: Missing Link
release date: April 12, 2019

Movie Name: Avengers: Endgame
release date: April 26, 2019

Movie Name: Detective Pikachu
release date: May 10, 2019

Movie Name: John Wick: Chapter 3
release date: May 16, 2019

Movie Name: Aladdin
release date: May 24, 2019

Movie Name: Godzilla
release date: May 31, 2019

Movie Name: Dark Phoenix
release date: June 7, 2019

Movie Name: Men in Black: International
release date: June 14, 2019

Movie Name: Toy Story 4
release date: June 20, 2019

Movie Name: Spider-Man: Far From Home
release date: July 5, 2019

Movie Name: The Lion King
release date: July 19, 2019

Movie Name: Once Upon a Time In Hollywood
release date: July 26, 2019

Movie Name: F&F Hobbs And Shaw
release date: August 2, 2019

Movie Name: The New Mutants
release date: August 2, 2019

Movie Name: IT: Chapter 2
release date: September 6

Movie Name: Joker
release date: October 4, 2019

Movie Name: Untitled Terminator Project
release date: November 1, 2019

Movie Name: Frozen 2
release date: November 22, 2019

Movie Name: Star Wars: Episode IX
release date: December 20, 2019

So, this is the Hollywood upcoming movies 2019 list. These are the movies you’ll be rushing to see in 2019. It’s looking like another big year at the movies, and for your wallet – start marking your 2019 movie calendar now. Here best 2019 movies list is for you. For more Hollywood upcoming movies, 2019 movies list and latest Hollywood movies news (films 2019), Please Subscribe this channel “Celebrity News Today”.

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