5 Harmony been shady to Camila Cabello for 4 minutes *makes camila cry*

before you watch the video, or if you’ve finished watching this please get this into your head: THIS IS NOT PROOF OF ANYTHING. this is not proving hate, not proving bullying, nothing at all. There was just some moments where the girls didn’t act as nice as they should have towards Camila.

This is my opinion on how the whole 5H to 4H split went down, but it’s not facts and only Camila knows why she left. ⬇️

Ok, obviously the girls were close friends from the very start but I think when Camila started becoming friends with Taylor and she started making songs with Shawn and MGK that’s when the girls got jealous and offended. Taylor only acknowledged Camila in the group and then eventually I think the girls began to not like that, and excluded Camila from them because that’s what she was doing herself by being with Taylor.

Guys, please stop saying Camila was racist. She wasn’t. It was her fans trolling Normani. Camila has nothing to do with it, and honestly I think Normani is the kindest towards Camila to this day because she still included her in 5H when she talked about her in a recent interview. But I think Dinah loved her the most and always will

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