7 Words That BLOCK The Law of Attraction (WARNING!!!)

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7 Words That BLOCK The Law of Attraction (WARNING!!!)


Number one, I wish I wish I had more money. I wish I could find my soulmate. I wish. How many times do you hear people say that? And we’re under the assumption that it’s positive, which right, it seems a good thing. You should have wishes. You should have hope so you should have dreams, but what you’re really saying, because it’s not about the word you’re using, what’s happening is the energy of that word is impacting the subconscious, which is then creating what you attract into your sub, into your life. So when you say, I wish what you’re really saying is I do not have, and when you’re affirming that you do not have something that you wish for, your subconscious gets impressed for that lab, it gets programmed for that lap.

I wish I had more money, is really saying I do not have money and man it’d be nice if I did. I wish I could attract my soulmate and an ideal romantic partner is really saying they’re not out there and I’m pretty much out of luck and I’m hoping for some type of divine intervention to show up out of nowhere. But all the odds are stacked against me. Do not use. I wish begin to use I am. The word I am is literally you impacting the subconscious in the present tense. Think of the power differences between I wish I had more money and I am attracting more money every day. I can feel it growing and multiplying in my life. I am grateful that money is starting to come into my life tenfold. That’s impacting the subconscious in the present tense. Your subconscious hears that and says, more money coming into life, more abundance coming into life.

Now there’s a phrase in the Bible and it says to those that have more will be given into those that do not even, that which they have will be taken away to those who have. When you’re in an I am consciousness of affirming what you want, as if you already have it, more will be given to you and to those that do not have to, those that are wishing and affirming that they don’t have, they will attract more scarcity. Eliminate. I wish and replace it with Iam. Comment down below. I am. Number two, never. Why would you ever say things are never going to get better. You’re never going to find your soulmate mate. You’re always going to be alone. Things never seem to work out. Why would you say that? You live in a world that’s totally infinite. The universe is literally infinite. There’s no ending to the universe.

There’s no wall, and then the universe ends. It’s all made out of energy. There’s more money printing every single day. There’s billions of people on the planet. For you to attract your friendships, your romance, the experiences that you desire, there’s no such thing as never hear you replace it with always. I always attract the money I needed the perfect time. I always attract the perfect people that support my dreams. I always am attracting the perfect opportunities for my highest joy. You replace place never with always. Now this is a huge fundamental shift because most people say never. What they’re really doing is they’re pointing out their past, what happened to them. Some relationships failed or they’ve been struggling financially or whatnot, so then based off of their past, they affirmed that their entire future will be flawed based off of their past. So they say, because this thing happened to me, I will never get this.

In this video we discuss…
* words that block the law of attraction
* words that block the secret
* words you should not say
* words that block your manifestation and the law of attraction

7 Words That BLOCK The Law of Attraction (WARNING!!!)

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