90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap: Angela Deem Screams LAND OF THE FREE at Michael Ilesanmi

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? returned after taking a week off to deliver Season 6, Episode 11.

First, Angela has blocked Michael on everything, but not even that can shield him from her next screaming fit.

Brandon and Julia have already signed the lease on their next place, and now have to break the news to Brandon's parents.

Andrei's first meeting with Elizabeth's extended family doesn't exactly go smoothly.

Jovi arrives home after four long months away, and Yara takes him to see their new home for the first time.

Asuelu drops a bombshell on Kalani, but that's nothing beside what his family has in store.

It's the day of Natalie's surgery … but after an argument, she ghosted Mike.

And Ronald's transparent attempts to use Daniel to manipulate Tiffany have not gone unnoticed.



1. Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi

Angela deem is clearly unhappy
Angela is angry. That might seem like her default disposition when she’s not loudly laughing at herself, but in this case, she’s angry because of (you guessed it) Michael. She has blocked him on everything.

2. Her daughter comes into the room

Skyla deem is not a marriage counselor
Skyla (not to be confused with Scottie, Angela’s convicted child-molester daughter who was recently spotted partying near children with Angela) comes in to complain that Michael has been blowing up her phone. She is not, she reminds her mother, a marriage counselor.

3. To no one’s surprise

Angela deem smokes in the kitchen like its the purge
Angela is still smoking. She also just smokes indoors, like it’s The Purge, even though this is the same house where her grandchildren live. (That said, clearly she feels fine exposing her grandchildren to things more dangerous than carcinogens)

4. Angela reluctantly agrees to sit down and call her husband

Angela deem screams that shes an american land of the free
She almost immediately begins screaming that she is an “American” and that this is the “LAND OF THE FREE.” Please, the rest of us would not like to be associated with her.

5. She accused Michael of being disrespectful

Angela deem loudly mocks her husband
She then went on to viciously mock him, to belittle and insult him, to demand that he shut up. In a more civilized world, it would be illegal to speak to someone in that manner, let alone to one’s spouse.

6. Like a feral animal

Angela deem smokes and blames her husband for it again
Angela once again smokes indoors and then accuses Michael of somehow causing her to smoke, saying that she only does it when she deals with him. That is … ma’am, we all just saw you smoking. Also that’s not how smoking works.

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