90 Day Fiance Stars Whose Journeys Ended in Heartbreak

90 Day Fiance follows couples on their international journeys of love.

Sometimes, it's love at first sight and it lasts forever.

Other times, it takes months of courtship and convincing for two people to realize that they're head over heels for each other.

But other times .. no matter how long it took to fall in love, they fall out of love.

Sometimes, the fallout is downright brutal.

Cheating, betrayals, using people for fame, manipulation … 

Some stars run a gauntlet of misery.

Take a look at some of the most heartbroken stars in the franchise's history.

1. Ashley Martson

Ashley martson cries on instagram
Jay Smith cheated on Ashley right after their wedding by downloading Tinder and chatting with an 18-year-old girl. A few months later, he cheated on her again, boning a random girl in a barbershop bathroom. A few months later, Ashley learned that he was sleeping with a mistress. Several months later, they reconciled, only to break up when a girl Jay was sleeping with (of course) claimed to be pregnant. They got back together the next year and vowed to make it work, only for Jay to once again cheat on Ashley. So not only did that story end in heartbreak, it had a lot of heartbreak along the way.

2. Rosemarie Vega

Rosemarie vega i feel hurt and i feel sad
Rose couldn’t have known what to expect from Big Ed Brown except, hopefully, a lot of love, a future together, and a better life for her son. Instead, he lied to her. He lied about his appearance, he shamed her over her body hair, false claims about her dental hygiene, and was weirdly insistent that she and only she take an STI test. The biggest lie, the one that broke them up forever, was his intention to have a vasectomy — something that Ed had hidden for months despite knowing that Rose wanted to have more children. She was devastated.

3. Danielle Mullins Jbali

Danielle mullins in tears
Mohamed Jbali wanted to come to America from Tunisia. Danielle Mullins wanted a hot, younger man to have sex with. They could have had a perfectly equitable exchange, except for a lot of backstabbing and insults and hurt feelings. A lot of those hurt feelings were Danielle’s. Was she using him? Of course. But it also seems like she loved him in her own way, and was devastated by their ugly divorce — to the point where, years later, she was still hung up on him.

4. Molly Hopkins

90 day fiance couple luis and molly
Molly met Luis Mendez while she was on vacation. Despite the age gap and a lot of suspicions, they got married. But though they both had their issues and got divorced, Luis was the one who was suddenly remarrying just five months later. Molly, on the other hand, took her time before moving on.

5. Jorge Nava

Jorge nava shares a holiday selfie
There’s no good way to get dumped, least of all by your wife, but allegedly being ghosted while you’re in prison because your (incarceration) weight loss is getting too much attention in comparison to your wife’s social media posts is … harsh. Now, Anfisa has strongly rejected that characterization of their breakup, but Jorge didn’t exactly have a wife waiting for him when he got out of prison, and yeah, that was rough.

6. Larissa Lima

Larissa lima sits in the cold sunlight
On camera, Larissa was an over-the-top dramatic woman who turned on a dime and was emotionally volatile. To some extent, sure, that’s true. But the truth is that she fell in love with a man who pursued her online — even after she blocked him a couple of times. They met up, and she was blown away when he proposed to her on their vacation. She came to the United States, leaving her family behind, to be with a man … and his mother. Larissa quickly discovered that despite Colt’s sex drive, he didn’t seem to show her affection like a normal boyfriend would, let alone a husband. After months of manipulation and being cheated on, their marriage ended in an ugly conflict, and she was left with $38 to her name. She was beyond devastated.

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