Alana Thompson Reveals Fitness Journey: I Wanna Get Hot Like My Mama!

Recently, June Shannon teased her return to reality television, saying that the whole family is filming.

Alana is showing off her new look, and revealing that she is embarking upon a fitness journey.

Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson took to her Instagram to share a glamorous selfie.

The 15-year-old high school student and reality star was sporting some distinctively straightened hair and looked positively radiant.

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“IDK I’d wife me,” her caption reads.

In case you are unfamiliar, “IDK” means “I don’t know,” giving her caption a casual air.

In this case, Alana is simply giving herself some well-deserved praise for a beautiful photo.

She’s not “wife material,” by virtue of being 15, but in another decade, she’ll be old enough to be married and one imagines that she’ll have to fend off suitors.

 “Looking beautiful sweetie,” praises one follower, writing: “always believe in yourself.”

Another commenter raves: “Growing up to be such a beautiful girly girl.”

It is truly amazing to think of how much Alana has grown up before the eyes of the world.

Other fans heaped praises upon Alana for how mature she is looking.

Another, somewhat nosy commenter asked if Alana is currently working towards any fitness goals.

Alana replied to that comment, writing: “Yes ma’am.”

Weight loss discussions are incredibly complicated, largely because there is a massive predatory industry built around the concept.

No one suffers from this more than teenage girls … except, perhaps, for teenage girls who are famous and often on camera.

Fitness goals of course do not always mean weight loss, just as weighing less is not always healthier.

We hope that whatever fitness journey Alana has on the horizon is going to be, well, healthy.

She is far from the only member of her family to venture on a fitness journey.

Her mother and her half-sister, in fact, have undergone dramatic weight loss surgeries. 

Alana is 15, too young for such procedures even if she wants them.

We support her in her fitness journey in whatever form it may take.

And so, her commenters have made it clear, will her fans.

Other commenters raved about how excited they are for another season of Mama June: From Not to Hot.

Last season was an odd season, in that the titular star was barely involved in the season.

June’s downward spiral left her unfit to star on the show — and broke her family’s trust. It will take a long time for her to repair this.

Fans have speculated that as June rebuilds her finances and gets her life back together, she may take legal steps to prevent this from happening again.

She paid cash for her old house and sold it well below market value while hemorrhaging money on drugs, Geno, and drugs for Geno.

June lost a great deal on her downward spiral. Fortunately, she did not lose her life.

So next time, fans hope that — once June has a house again — she will take some legal measure to ensure that she cannot simply sell it out from under herself.

Repairing her finances is a matter of returning to reality TV, collecting regular paychecks again, and doing Instagram endorsements and making paid appearances.

Restoring her family’s trust will be much more challenging.

We expect to see a lot of that play out on this upcoming season, which June revealed had recently begun to film.

Though we do not know any dates just yet, it looks like if all goes well, the new season will premiere next year. Fan speculations says that the likely window for the premiere is March 2021.

We’ll see Alana, June, Lauryn, and the whole family then!


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