‘Alaskan Bush People’ Stars’ Steamy Love Lives Exposed!

As The Alaskan Bush People prepare for an incredible tenth season, premiering Aug. 4 on Discovery, the heads of the household, father Billy Brown and mother Ami Brown, are struggling with how to keep the show fresh.

One option, RadarOnline.com has learned, is to expand the family with new lovers — and more babies!

“Billy is desperate for all of his sons to get hitched because he knows that wedding and babies bring in viewers, like it did with Noah’s wedding and baby,” an insider confided to Radar. “They don’t really care what the cost is. Billy is running out of ideas on how to keep his family together on TV.”

Luckily for Billy, his extended sons and daughters are busy building relationships, including the recently revealed coupling of star Bear with sexy model Raiven Adams.

“Billy and Ami both definitely approve of this,” a source told Radar. “They are just so happy that all of their sons have found their life partners and Ami can’t believe that the nest has gotten so full, so fast!”

Check out this Radar gallery for more on the new romance, along with a refresher on the love lives of the rest of the Brown family.


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