Amelia Hamlin: Behold Her Hottest, Most Tantalizing Looks!

On June 13, 2001, Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin welcomed Amelia Gray Hamlin into the world.

Not all celebrity kids go on to become celebrities themselves.

Amelia, however, entered adulthood and became a successful model.

Lisa has shared that Amelia's career boom has seen her make more than her parents.

Being a busy, super famous model can be a lucrative career.

And Amelia has the skill, the training, and the attitude for modeling.

She is also outrageously gorgeous, whether she's modeling or just snapping a selfie.

(At times, it's difficult to tell the difference)

Take a look below at some of Amelia's most jaw-dropping photos of all time:

1. Amelia!!

Amelia gray hamlin photo
She has a stunning profile from any angle, and she knows it.

2. Oh my …

Amelia hamlin snaps a bed selfie
Amelia snapped this bed selfie, looking anything but lazy in this flattering white top.

3. Ah, the great outdoors?

Amelia gray in the shower
Amelia stands here in a semi-outdoor shower. She’s not “dressed” for a shower but in that barely-there bikini, she’s most of the way there.

4. In lingerie

Amelia hamlin flaunts her body in lingerie
Amelia isn’t just a run-of-the-mill hot celebrity kid — she’s a professional model, as this snap from a lingerie promotion proves.

5. Blue is so her color

Amelia gray hamlin
This particular cobalt is flattering to her skin tone and to her hair and eyes.

6. Or is it … red?

Amelia hamlin in red
Amelia is also a total knockout in red, as you can clearly see in this sweltering snap.

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