Ammika Harris Has Fans Praising Her Look

Ammika Harris has fans praising her look following the latest photo that she shared. Check it out here. ‘Was craving boiling crab all day today, but of course I couldn’t find it out here….btw I’ve been using lash serum for quite some time and it works wonders,’ Ammika said.
Someone said: ‘You been glowing different lately also you in red is something we didint know we needed to see & aeko is a fly baby.’
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A follower said: ‘Gorgeous! and he’s so cute. Love how you’re always together. Your little sidekick,’ and one other commenter posted this: ‘If it ain’t @ammikaaa then it’s no one else I love you mikaa.’
Someone else said: ‘Beautiful baby@ammikaaa you are so perfect, and so is Aeko,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘You’re are absolutely stunning such a class act and great mommy.’
Ammika has been featured on social media a lot.
Ammika Harris drops her clothes to pose in lingerie on IG. Check out the pics that have fans going crazy with excitement.
Someone said: ‘That is a pretty purple on you’ and a commenter posted this: ‘Omgeeee…beautiful, my favorite color!!!’
Ammika Harris shared a bunch of new pics on her social media account. Check out how gorgeous she looks in the latest post that she shared on IG.
Someone said: ‘Mamacita! Damn friend, You look stunning! This very simple and extreme at the same time photo shoot takes me back about 18 years… I will send you a DM of the photo. Love you, keep doing you baby girl!’ Source

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