Ammika Harris Looks Gorgeous In This Nude Dress

Ammika Harris told her fans and followers that she is not saving outfits anymore. Check out the latest post she shared on her IG account. ‘i’m gonna wear all the outfits I ain’t got to wear during lockdown. Ain’t saving outfits no more,’ Ammika captioned her post.
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Someone said: ‘Love the stroller 😍 is that the Joolz,’ and a follower posted this: ‘❤️Aeko looking like are going now mom😂’
One follower said: ‘Aeko is minding his own business😂. You look beautiful btw😍’ and a commenter posted this: ‘Baby boy is like “here she go again with the pictures” 😂 Love the bracelets!’
A follwoer said that ‘Awww soo cute he’s like let me let her do her thing waiting all patiently 🥺 YOU LOOK GREAT 🔥🔥😍’ and a commenter posted this: ‘And you shouldn’t! Wear them out! Your clothes shouldn’t be on lockdown too😅❤️.’
A fan wrote: ‘Mrs Ammikaa you are doing a perfect job raising your son. His the cutest littke angel ever. And i love your outfit totally♡❤’ and someone else said: ‘O please, it’s no different than a kid sucking their thumb. My son was using his pacifier after also and he is fine in everyway and an A Student already with perfect teeth.’
Someone else said: ‘Yup 🙌 tell them to go to hell. It’s your baby. !!! Tell them straight mija 💯’
Ammika Harris looks amazing on a boat during a short vacay. Check out the latest photo that she shared on her social media account. ‘Am I the only one who barley takes pictures wherever I go?’ Ammika captioned her post.
Ammika Harris shared a photo on her social media account in which she looks amazing. Check out the pic here. 
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