Amy Duggar: I’m Glad Counting On is Canceled? Can I Break My NDA Now?!

After 11 disgraceful seasons, Counting On has been canceled by TLC amidst the horrors of Josh Duggar's criminal charges.

Some are happy, some are sad, some are angry that it took this long.

Amy Duggar King shared that she "stands with" the cancelation.

The Duggar cousin is also asking for legal advice on how best to break her infamous NDA so that she can speak her mind.

On Tuesday evening, Amy Duggar King took to her Instagram Stories to post a series of short videos.

In those videos, which we have compiled and included, she has some questions.

Specifically, from any of her fans — or, say, cousins-in-law — who are legal experts.

"Question for anyone out there that is a lawyer," Amy began her video.

She added "aka Derick," tagging both Derick and Jill. 

"Once a show is canceled," Amy began her question.

Amy continued: "does that mean if anyone has signed an NDA."

Her question: "is that canceled?"

Amy then reasoned: "since there's no show to protect?"

"Hmm. Just a question," Amy expressed.

She added: "I have a feeling that things are going to get very interesting."

We have a similar feeling, but hopefully Amy's has more than just vibes to go on.

"Thank you for the ride," Amy wrote politely in an Instagram post after the cancelation announcement.

"I’ll treasure the memories, always," she affirmed.

"Also," Amy declared, "I stand with the network in this decision!"

Her mother, Deanna, commented under Amy's post.

"Great memories!" she wrote.

Deanna recalled: "We had so much fun filming in Nashville when you decided you wanted to be a 'Big Country Star.'"

"After seeing that contract where they basically wanted me to sell my soul," Amy replied.

"Nooo thank you!!!" the mother of one declared.

Amy expressed: "I'd rather have my faith, my morals, and my life now!"

The Sun first reported the long-awaited news with details about how the cancelation came to be.

"The decision was made by TLC earlier this week to cancel the show," the insider shared.

"The family was told over the phone shortly after," the source detailed, "and it's still very hush hush."

"The petition from those who boycotted Counting On was hard to ignore," the insider shared.

See! Sometimes, petitions can apply pressure to networks.

"And," the source added, "sponsors were very concerned following Josh's arrest."

"There have been a lot of discussions in recent weeks," the insider explained.

This was a complicated choice "as the network had already spent money on production after months of filming."

"But the bottom line is, the network really wants to be on the right side of this scandal ahead of Josh's trial," the source emphasized.

The insider characterized: "It was important for bosses to be seen to have taken action."

"The case has put the show in such a bad light," the source vastly understated.

"And although it's a shame for those who worked hard on it, and the money spent, there really is no way forward," the insider shared.

To the public, however, the network was less detailed.

"TLC will not be producing additional seasons of Counting On," a rep for the network explained.

The rep added: "TLC feels it is important to give the Duggar family the opportunity to address their situation privately."

Disappointing as some may find this news, the drop in entertainment is ultimately a good thing.

Counting On both promoted a sanitized version of the cult's extreme lifestyle and funneled money into Jim Bob's wallet.

Both of those things made the world a worse place. Even those who will miss the show know that this is ultimately good news.

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