Since the start of this relationship, all of the ROYAL household members have been at ODDS! Servants just walking off, William and Kate having a cold shoulder towards Meghan, Charles and Camilla almost separating due to all of the stress and pressures of adding Meghan and her spending… everything is in turmoil!

I have found a man by the name of JOBSON who wrote the biography of PRINCE CHARLES in celebration of his 70th bday, to be pretty dang crediable. He gives the full scoop of what is going on. HARRY DID NOT DECIDE HE WANTS AN ESCAPE FROM HIS FAMILY, the decision was not his to make… the queen has decided it would be best for everyone that he and meghan go down to frogmore cottage! WOW! WHAT AN INSULT!

Thanks so much for watching! TAKE CARE AND STAY BLESSED! XO Ashli

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