Are Lisa Hamme and Usman Umar Married?

When their season of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days was airing, Lisa Hamme and Usman Umar seemed to have a chance.

Sure, Lisa had jealousy issues and there was a massive age gap.

But they also had a lot in common, both going by absurd nicknames, and even seemed to have some love between them.

Recently, they’ve both been very less present online. What happened?

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“Baby Girl” Lisa Hamme is more than 20 years older than “Sojaboy” Usman Umar.

Despite that, the two were so serious about their relationship that they were engaged.

To make sure that this was the right path for them and to have an easier time with the visa process, Lisa traveled to Nigeria.

There were issues, among them Lisa’s intense jealousy issues.

She was flattered by her relationship with a “celebrity” (to the general amusement of fans), but it came with drawbacks.

Lisa did not like his fans, his groupies, or even the idea that a woman might be featured in a music video with him to “her” song.

But still, despite some intense struggles, a lot of anger, tears, and storming off from Lisa, and some memes, they stuck with it.

(Seriously, anyone remembe the deepfake video of her and Usman as Trump and Kanye? It haunts my dreams)

Despite so many obstacles, the two of them decided to get married, and went through with the wedding.

But getting married does not always mean a happily ever after and wedded bliss.

First of all, Lisa was already embroiled by a scandal before the series ended.

She, a white woman, was using the N-word (and homophobic slurs) on social media … which is absolutely unacceptable.

Fans wondered how long a marriage could last between a Black man and a woman caught publicly using such awful slurs.

Then, at the Tell All recording, Usman revealed that Lisa called him the N-word

None of that aired officially, but nine hours of raw Tell All footage accidentally leaked … and fans got an eyefull of what TLC didn’t want them to see.

In the wake of that scandal, Shaun Robinson very tastefully shared that it was being “handled.”

That turned out to mean that Lisa’s then-current and future 90 Day Fiance gigs were canceled, as first reported by blogger John Yates.

Lisa couldn’t have known that the Tell All would air amidst historic Black Lives Matter protests, but she should not have been using that slur ever, in any context, with anyone.

Had Usman been just a scammera s some had assumed him to be, he might have lived with the indignity of that treatment.

Instead, he moved to end his marriage towards Lisa, even publicly sharing some of her cruelest text messages to him.

Lisa, no longer with her husband and having sabotaged her own once-promising start at a reality career, seemed bitter … and quickly faded from the spotlight.

In December of 2020, Usman thanked God for his divorce from Lisa, signalling that he was officially in that legal process.

No one in the world deserves to be partnered with someone who will verbally abuse them.

Lisa and Usman are not together, and we should all be thankful for that.


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