Audrey Roloff Ripped for Being Way Too Much Like… Donald Trump?!?

As far as we know, Audrey Roloff doesn’t care about creating a space force.

She doesn’t believe in ripping children away from their families and she doesn’t have any secret bank account abroad.

And yet… a bunch of the former reality star’s followers are coming down hard on Audrey right now for being a bit too much like Donald Trump.

This is not due to any political stance Audrey has taken, although the ex-Little People, Big World cast member has come under fire for her reaction to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Instead, though, some fans took a look at a recent Instagram photo Roloff posted online and couldn’t help but wonder:

What the heck?

Why is she so orange?!?!?!?!?

Earlier this week, the mother of two shared the photo above.

As you can see, it features her sitting with son Bode and daughter Ember in a big, comfortable piece of furnitre at home.

“A typical morning: messy bun, coffee stained sweater, cuddled up with my little loves in our “morning chair,” reading The Jesus Storybook Bible,” she wrote as a caption to the intimate snapshot.

That’s cute and everything, but lots of critics out there focused not on what Audrey was reading or doing — but on how she was looking.

“Oompa loompa doppty doo. It looks like you have serious jauntis,” wrote one individual, referencing the unusual creatures that inhabit Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

Added another:

“Not sure if you’re aware, but it is possible to post a picture without a filter.”

And a third simply asked: “You are so orange, kiddies too?. What happened??”

Was this a case of a spray tan gone horribly wrong?

No, most trolls seemed to agree.

This had to be due to the use of a filter.

For the record, Audrey has not yet commented on the controversy. We doubt she will, either.

audrey filter

The author and podcast host married Jeremy Roloff in 2014 and welcomed her daughter in September 2017 and her son in January 2020.

She and her husband left Little People, Big World in the summer of 2018 and have since gone on to write a best-selling, polarizing memoir about their relationship.

The mother of two is often criticized for thinking she knows best.

But this is one instance when it seems pretty clear: Audrey definitely does not know the best way to edit a picture.


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