Australia are stepping up the search for flight MH370 – Daily Mail

The findings by the Australian Transport Bureau (ATB) explain why two crucial communications systems stopped working and why air traffic controllers were unable to contact the pilots. The Boeing 777 (top) is widely believed to have ditched in the Indian Ocean after disappearing on March 8 last year en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, killing all 239 people on board, a theory strengthened by the discovery of the jet’s wing flap (bottom) on La Reunion island in July. The report, however, does not explain what caused the power cut, only saying that it could be due to technical failures. It also does not rule out deliberate action by Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah (inset) or his co-pilot, whether it was a move to sabotage the aircraft or a desperate, failed attempt to temporarily cut the power to resolve a technical problem.

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