Axl Rose Slams ‘Coward’ Surgeon General Jerome Adams After He Refuses To Tell People To Avoid Large 4th Of July Gatherings Amid The Pandemic!

Axl Rose dragged Surgeon General Jerome Adams in a post on his go-to social media platform, Twitter, over refusing to warn people about avoiding crowds amid the COVID-19 pandemic! That being said, the Guns N’ Roses singer held nothing back, calling Adams a ‘coward’ and stressing that he ‘doesn’t deserve’ his job!

This comes after the Surgeon General managed to somehow avoid telling American citizens to avoid large crowds that usually are the norm on the 4th of July!

Of course, even though it’s a big celebration in the country, this year should be different since there is a global pandemic going on and the United States is the epicenter of it!

Axl dragged Adams, making it very clear that he was mad: ‘Jerome Adams is  a: coward b: A [piece of s**t] c: Both. Resign. U don’t deserve the job or title. America deserves better.’

As mentioned before, his outraged response comes after the Surgeon General’s interview on the Today Show.

When the show’s anchor Craig Melvin directly asked the Surgeon General how he would advise American people to participate in the celebrations in this situation, including two events hosted by the POTUS himself and where the protective masks are not obligatory.

In response, Adams failed to tell all Americans to avoid such events altogether, mentioning that only those with certain underlying conditions that are most at risk should stay at home.

He went on to add: ‘Number 2. Understand your circumstances. Are you in a community where spread’s up or down? Are you going somewhere you can social distance? A place to where you are inside or outside?’

Craig cut him off at his point, requesting a clear answer: ‘with all due respect…we know that large gatherings present the biggest risk right now. Would you advise somebody to go to a big gathering? Yes, or no?’

‘Well it’s not a yes or a no, every single person has to make up their own mind,’ he responded in part.

He did go on to at least mention that wearing a face covering is very important if people want more freedom sooner, such as having more places open or stay open if the virus is contained.


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