Below Deck Season 1 Cast: Where Are They Now?

Below Deck premiered in 2013, and it was far from the show it is today.

The series had outlandish guests that tested the patience of everyone working on the boat, but the cast didn't gel as well as they did on the later seasons.

We would even go as far as saying that any potential viewers should skip the season entirely.

Still, there was a cast, and it's time to delve into what they got up to back then and, more importantly, what they are up to nowadays.


1. The Cast

Below deck season 1 cast
From left to right we have Ben Robinson, C.J. LeBeau, Kat Held, Adrienne Gang, David Bradberry, Aleks Taldykin, Sam Orme, and Eddie Lucas. They look great, right?

2. C.J. LeBeau Then…

Cj lebeau on below deck season 1
The Bravo hit rarely shows engineers, which might be because of C.J.’s antics throughout the freshman season.

He was involved in a relationship with his co-star, Sam, and made minimal impact on the overall show.

It makes sense then that the show never invited him back for another season.

3. C.J. LeBeau Now…

Cj lebeau on below decks freshman season
C.J.’s one-season stint could also be attributed to the fact he was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend when the first season was airing.

The star disappeared from oblivion thereafter, and stays away from the world of social media.

That’s why we used another photo of him from the first season.

4. Sam Orme Then…

Sam orme on below deck season 1
Sam was well-known for hating her job and butting heads with much of her co-stars.

She balked at the idea that she should listen to her boss, Adrienne.

The relationship between the 3rd Steward and the Chief Steward is always rocky on the series.

Sam clearly didn’t want to be on the boat as an employee, and it made sense that she was never brought back.

5. Sam Orme Now…

Sam orme in 2020
Sam left the yachting world behind, got married, had a kid, and the rest is history.

You could tell Sam hated her job, or maybe it was just Adrienne, but she looks happy and healthy.

6. Adrienne Gang Then…

Adrienne gang on below deck season 1
Adrienne was the most serious Chief Steward in franchise history.

She was unapproachable for the most part, yelling orders at the people below her.

She was replaced the following season with Kate Chastain, and it probably saved the show.

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