Beyoncé And Jay-Z Live An Insanely Lavish Life

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are the closest thing there is to royalty in the U.S. While they didn’t grow up with silver spoons, they’ve earned unparalleled success in their careers. And now that they’re on top of the world, they are living their best lives. Here’s a look at this music mogul couple’s glamorous life.

In order to gain some context on Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s super lavish lifestyle, it first helps to understand how much cash they have and how they keep it coming in. So just how much dough are we talking about? According to Forbes, the Carters are worth roughly $1.4 billion dollars as of mid 2019.

Beyoncé herself is only worth a mere $400 million compared to her husband’s $1 billion, but that doesn’t tell the full story. The Queen’s income comes mostly from her album sales and concert earnings, which tend to be larger than her husband’s. Conversely, Jay-Z earns his income mostly as a result of his investments, such as his significant ownership over the streaming company Tidal. Obviously, both celebs know their strengths and play to them well.

So now you know what means when she talks about her great-great grandchildren already being rich, as she did on the track “Boss” from her joint album with Jay, Everything Is Love.

Watch the video for more about Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s insanely lavish life!

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Banking on that net worth | 0:18
Jay’s swanky digs | 1:20
The mansion in Bel-Air | 2:24
A residence in the Hamptons | 3:08
The Garden District Palace | 4:04
A world-famous luxury car collection | 4:45
That jet-set life | 5:46
All about the bling | 6:21
Check out their closet | 7:35
Blue Ivy’s luxurious life | 8:31
Blow-out birthdays | 10:06
Balling on a bottomless budget | 10:42
Vacationing in style | 11:45

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