Beyoncé Nefertiti Transformation 2018 Coachella

Hey y’all! Thank you for checking out my video! I really was inspired to recreate Beyoncé’s look from her 2018 Coachella performance and I really hope you all enjoy!

See Below for Detailed list of items I used:

Fabric: black mesh, 1 yd, and metallic, 4 yds (Walmart)
Sequin trims: local fabric store in Orlando, Walmart, Joann’s (I used various amounts of each color)
Ribbon(Walmart and dollar store)
Embellishments and feathers (Walmart and Michaels)
Hot glue
Black and gold thread
Straight pins
Measuring tape
E6000 embellishment glue
Cane(Party City)
Fake snake(dollar store)
Duct tape
Silver hoop earrings (local beauty supply)
Poster board and wax paper (Walmart)
Shoes found at a thrift store
Small plastic trash bin for the hat shape and leggings to make the hat black
Stockings and nude fishnets (Target)
(*Don’t judge me, you gotta be resourceful!)


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