Beyond The Law Of Attraction – The #1 Most Important Law For Attracting Abundance!

Most people struggling with the law of attraction are forgetting about this secret law of the universe… The Law of reciprocity.

This video reveals how to use the law of reciprocity to attract abundance and to grow your online business in alignment with the laws of the universe.

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You see, I fully believe in the law of attraction and I’ve leveraged it to create this lifestyle that I’m living to this day. And it’s a pretty magical lifestyle.

But the law of attraction was hijacked in the early two thousands by a group of, of content creators and entrepreneurs actually, and they watered it down. They removed some of the key components.

Go learn that because it really is one of the more powerful laws of the universe. But right now you’re about to learn the most important law of the universe for you if you’re an entrepreneur.

And what is it? It’s the law of reciprocity.

Now you need to understand how the law of reciprocity works, and when you get this done right, you actually automatically are going to be in alignment with the law of attraction.

If it was a venn diagram, there would be a little portion where those two circles overlap. That’s the power.

So let’s get into the law of reciprocity. Now, the law of reciprocity is quite simple and you can look at my actions that I’ve taken on this channel to see how I’ve leveraged this.

And we’ve repeated this process with my wife’s business and essentially the law states and everything you send out into the universe, all the goodwill you send out through to humanity will eventually flow back to you.

So this means your focus as an entrepreneur, as a digital marketer needs to be focused on sending out value into the world. And then you can move forward trusting that when done enough leveraged enough, that value will flow back to you. You will be reciprocated.

There’s a few key components of this that you really need to understand at a deep level. Number one is it’s not always going to come back directly from the same people that you sent out.

This is not caused an effect. This is a little bit different. I had an old boss, um, man, this dude was great.

He’s a good old boy from Tennessee and he used to say, if you “tickle it over here, it laughs over there.” And we sold cars together and he was always encouraging me sometimes to go work and spend a bunch of time, give some energy.

That corvette over there. We sold high end muscle cars, new age, muscle cars, old school cars, hot rods, etc. And he had me go give a lot of energy and attention over here. And sure enough phone would ring and another car would, another car over here would sell.

Some days he would even tell me, go take your, your beautiful girlfriend at the time, my wife Melanie, now I’ll go take her out for lunch in this car.

And we need some, something needs to move. We need to send some action out, go feel great in that car and then something’s going to shift.

Sure enough by the time I come back he’s got somebody on the phone, on the hook to purchase another car and again, it’s not that I took that car out expecting that car to sell in that exact moment.

It’s more about just giving energy, going out, washing it, waxing it, detailing it, taking new pictures of it, re sprucing up the listing, give it that feeling of being loved and sure enough something else clicked from there.

Now my youtube channel is another great example. So this is video number I think 534 roughly in under two years. So I’ve done an average of two videos per day for about three years at this point in time. Giving value, 100% focused on giving value.

In fact, if you went through my other videos right now, trying to find a video that actually pitches you something, it would take you a long time.

There’s a few of them, but it’s very seldom that I picked because pitching is me trying to get from you versus a value based email, which is me focus on giving.

Now within a couple of years, this brand has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars. The last time I told her that up, it was well over $350,000. Odds are it’s getting close to a half a million dollars at this point.

I really don’t care to take the time to add it all up. It’s noteworthy income and that’s in about two and a half years, little over two and a half years at this point in time and I’m trying to help you understand that the key action, the key focus has always been on driving value. You see, if I give enough value to enough people, the universe is going to take care of me.

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