Blow Dry Wavesl like Kim Kardashian's hair and celebrity success

Learn from celebrity hairdresser and makeup artist Norma Blaque from Lean how to section for blow dry, how to use your blow dry brushes, how to move your blow dryer; the size of the curling iron matters, the size of the brush matters; larger brush-smoother and larger curls, smaller brush-more curl to the hair. Choose the right size! Spray the leave-in conditioner and section the hair; the size of the section needs to be the size of the blow dry brush. Start at the root area and move and wiggle the blow dryer not to burn the client’s hair. The hair has to be completely dry to hold the blow dry style. If the hair does not slide off the brush like butter; the hair is still not dry enough; you need to dry it longer. Pet the hair to seal the hair cuticle with your hands and set it in its place. Pet it to set it! Learn how to curl the hair with curling iron and tease the hair. Lean how to blow-dry-curl the hair without the curling iron.
Learn blow dry bar techniques from Tiffany.
Norma teaches how to build a portfolio, how to get into celebrity stylist industry, how to get an agent, how does the hair industry work…
Norma has worked with Kim Kardashian, Josie Maran, Leyla Milani, Jennifer O’Dell, Jini Mai, and the TV Show ” How Do I Look”, Carolina Bacardi, and America’s Next Top Model, and in a show produced by Dian Ross’ Daughter.
Norma owns a salon on 120 N. Naclay Ave, Suit B
San Fernando, CA 91340

Guest artists; Norma and Tiffany, model: Lucy, video by BeautyHealthTravel channel.

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