Briana DeJesus to Kailyn Lowry: F–k You, Suck My D–k, I’ll Spit in Your Face!

At this point in time, it feels pretty safe to say that Briana DeJesus and Kailyn Lowry despise each other, right?

Like, they’ve reached a point where they’re going to actively hate each other for literally the rest of their lives.

Briana and Kail Split Pics

A lot of things have happened between them over the past several years, so much that it’s hard to believe that all of this started because Briana started dating Javi Marroquin, Kailyn’s ex-husband, in 2017.

Imagine, all of this over Javi.

Briana only ended up dating him for a few months, but the real issue has always seemed to be that they’re both insanely petty, which means that where most people would just let things go after a certain point, these two just can’t help but keep it going.

They both seem desperate to have the last word, and that’s why we’re still talking about their feud five years after it began.

They’ve both traded tons of insults over social media and in interviews, they’ve both threatened to physically harm the other, and they almost did end up in a fight at that one Teen Mom 2 reunion, remember that?

Briana has also made several comments alleging that Chris Lopez, Kail’s ex and the father of her two youngest children, assaulted Kail, but she’s also publicly flirted with him, which feels like an odd choice.

She’s said that despite rumors, she and Chris have never had a physical or romantic relationship, but Chris did travel down to Florida to see her, and she came up to Delaware to do a podcast with him.

Kailyn has also said that they’ve slept together, but obviously take that with a grain of salt.

Things took a definite turn last year when Kailyn sued Briana for defamaton after Briana claimed that Kail took a break from filming for Teen Mom 2 because she didn’t want any footage “about breaking and entering into Chris momma house and beating him for cutting his child’s hair.”

This is, of course, a reference to Kailyn’s 2020 arrest — Chris claimed that she did punch him several times over a haircut he’d given Lux, and his sister and mother confirmed his story, but the charges were eventually dropped.

The court battle went on for several months, but last month the judge dismissed it altogether, essentially saying that Briana’s original statement wasn’t defamation because it was true, and because the damage to Kail’s reputation came with the original reports of the arrest, not with Briana’s comment about it.

Kail has admitted that the lawsuit cost her over $200,000, but now she’s going to be paying even more money …

… Because she just signed an agreement to pay $100,000 for Briana’s legal fees.

This morning, Briana shared a screenshot of Kailyn’s signature on this agreement, dated May 13th, and she had a few things to say about the situation as well.

“Don’t U ever in ur life ever think it’s ok to use the court system to bully someone,” she wrote. “Your mother should’ve taught you better.”

Briana to Kail

That is a particularly low blow, since Kailyn’s mother was an emotionally abusive alcoholic who was never really around for her at all — something Briana definitely knows, since she’s teased her about it several times before.

But she wasn’t done yet!

“When you signed this agreement to pay my lawyer fees I hope u felt like complete sh-t,” she continued.

“F-ck you and you can suck my d-ck. I hope I get to see you so I can spit on ur face.”

It’s a shame, because she won the lawsuit, and that could have been enough, you know?

And now that Kailyn has officially agreed to pay all this money for her lawyers … it would have been such a good look for her to take the high road and really make Kail look foolish for all of this.

But like we said, they’re both too petty, and she simply could not let it go.

This is never, ever going to end, is it?


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