Britney Spears: I Wanna Fire My Awful Dad as My Conservator! HELP ME!

We have all heard about Britney Spears’ total lack of freedoms under her father’s conservatorship.

She wants his grubby little hands out of her business affairs, and after he hired her a new manager without consulting her, she’s asking the court to show him the door.

Britney Spears’ now-former business manager quit without warning or any real notice.

That puts any professional into a pickle, but that’s not her primary concern.

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Britney says that her father, Jamie Spears, has now hired a new manager without consulting her … or even giving her a head’s up.

Last month, Tristar Sports and Entertainment Group stopped managing Britney.

According to Britney’s team in court, Jamie hired Miller Kaplan’s Michael Kane to wield “full functional control” over her money and material.

She argues that Kane has been installed to “introduce a new gatekeeper” who would side with him.

Britney has filed legal documents, asking the court to make Bessemer Trust Company the sole conservator of her business affairs.

Right now, Bessmer Trust Company is co-sonservator with her awful dad.

It seems clear that Britney wants to limit her tyrannical father’s control over her life, her business, and her money.

TMZ got their hands on these documents, shedding light on Britney’s power struggle with Jamie.

She learned on October 28 — just last week — that her old management company had quit without warning.

It was her father’s unilateral decision that followed that set her off.

Britney knows that she doesn’t have sole control over her life, including her relationships or her career.

But she would have at least liked the chance to interview Kane, look over the terms of his hiring.

Also, dare we suggest it, Britney might have even liked input into who was hired to manage her business.

Kane’s history with Jamie — having an admitted professional relationship already — is a huge red flag for Britney.

Did her father just hire a yes man who will do whatever he wants?

In court, Britney says that this is part of Jamie’s quest to “retain full functional control of her assets, books, and records.”

Britney also says that she is going to file a formal petition with the court to remove Jamie as co-conservator of her estate.

Bessemer would then serve in that role alone.

This is huge — and while Britney has wanted more freedoms for a long time, this shows a bolder push than she has made in the past.

Earlier this year, Britney wanted an end to Jamie being her sole conservator in terms of business affairs.

Now, at that time, she did not formally object to Jamie retaining his role as her co-conservator.

But Britney wants him gone, stripped of his power to manage her business affairs.

Britney has previously filed to have Jamie removed as the conservator of her person, asking that Jodi Montgomery take on that role permanently.

This was after Jodi stepped in to replace Jamie on a temporary basis after Jamie stepped down for “health reasons” … following an alleged attack on Britney’s son, Sean Preston.

Britney’s life showed marked improvements during Jamie’s absence.

It was reported that Britney’s mental health treatment improved greatly under Jodi’s supervision.

At the same time, it was reported that Jamie was unhappy with how much “freedom” Britney had under Jodi.

Britney has not filed to end her conservatorship — it looks like she just wants her awful dad out of her affairs. That’s not unreasonable by any stretch of the imagination.


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