Britney Spears’ Instagram Page Is Deactivated

Britney Spears' Instagram Page Is Deactivated

Britney Spears is no longer on Instagram.

The 39-year-old Glory pop icon’s page is no longer available to view as of Tuesday (September 14).

There was no announcement from the singer ahead of the change regarding a potential decision to shut off her social media.

Just a few days before, Britney revealed the exciting news that she and boyfriend Sam Asghari got engaged. There’s also a special meaning behind the ring.

Her fiance’s Instagram page is still active, however. Sam also responded to a viral request regarding their marriage – find out what he had to say.

Days before, Britney also shared a video of her backside to prove it was not edited.

She recently had a cute exchange with Iggy Azalea on social media as well – find out what they said to each other.

Another big singer also just deactivated her social media this week.


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