Camila Cabello Shocks The Internet With Her ‘Organic Slime’ Comment In Reference To Boyfriend Shawn Mendes

Camila Cabello is going viral after making a surprising comment at the Kids’ Choice Awards that left viewers shocked. On Saturday, Nickelodeon held the Kids’ Choice Awards but due to the Coronavirus pandemic and social distancing orders that have been in place, the awards were given out virtually. Camila is 23-years-old and has been quarantining with her 21-year-old boyfriend and Senorita collaborator Shawn Mendes and the two were honored with the award for Favorite Music Collaboration which they graciously accepted.  The two appeared on the “Camila Cam” and each took their turn thanking their fans for the honor. They both expressed sadness that they couldn’t be there with their fans to accept the award.

Neither Shawn or Camila are strangers to the Kids’ Choice Awards and they are typically attended by many children. One year, Camila was seen running through crowds of kids as she gave out hugs and touched hands with each of her fans. Those actions are a thing of the past during the pandemic when a simple act like a handshake could prove deadly.

It was a strange experience to see the awards given out by cam but Shawn and Camila made the best of it. Shawn and Camila expressed their gratitude, thanks, and love for their fans as they shared their disappointment that they couldn’t be together in person.

After Shawn spoke, Camila decided to say a few words to her fans and that’s when things began to take a twist. People were shocked by what Camila said.  She stated the following.

“We love you, thank you so much for voting. We’re going to make organic slime and slime ourselves.”

You may see the video of Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello as they accepted their win in the video player below.

While some people found the comment funny, there were others who believed the remarks were sexually-oriented and inappropriate for kids.

Others remarked that the two were an adorable couple and thought the remark was humorous. What do you think about Camila’s statement? Do you think she crossed a line or do you think it was funny?

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