Candace Cameron Bure Has Traded In Her Empty Nest For A Fuller House

Candace Cameron Bure made headlines when she spoke publicly about becoming an empty nester, but now that the Coronavirus pandemic has sparked lockdown nationwide, Candace is enjoying a fuller house. Candace Cameron Bure shared three children with husband Valeri Bure: Natasha, 21, Lev, 20, and Maksim, 18.  Now the family is all quarantining together and Candace is speaking out about having a full house again in the upcoming, May 4, 2020, issue of  Us Weekly. Candace revealed to the outlet how happy she is to be spending this quality time with her family again.

“I’m getting this consolidated family time I never thought we’d have. Our conversations have been incredible. [That’s the] silver lining in all of this.”

Cameron explained how the family is putting their hope and trust in the Lord that He will see them through the Coronavirus pandemic. She also stated that the family is spending a lot of quality time together and enjoying regular meal times together. For activities, the Bures are staying busy playing board games and taking walks together. They also prepare food together.

The family has been working from home and then coming together for their family meals. Cameron’s daughter Natasha is Cameron’s twin!

You may see a video of Cameron and Natasha below.

Speaking of work, Candace had her fair share of ups and downs in that area. Fuller House was doing exceptionally well when the Lori Loughlin, college scandal broke.  Many people feel that Netflix chose to ultimately cancel Fuller House due to Lori’s scandal and departure but no one has confirmed that officially.

Candace was also a co-host of The View for several seasons and is now speaking out about how hard it was for her. Speaking to Good Housekeeping, Candace made it clear that co-hosting The View was the most difficult job that Candace ever had.

She stated the following.

“That was a super tough job. It helped me grow a lot, but that was the most difficult job I’ve had to date … you always feel like you’re fighting to speak your opinion.”

Candace Cameron doesn’t have any projects in the work, but that’s likely to change once the Coronavirus pandemic ends.


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