Cardi B Requested A Delay For Her Next Trial Involving The Mixtape Cover Art

Cardi B’s latest move has the support of her fans. Check out the latest news below according to the data obtained by The Shade Room.
It’s been revealed that Cardi is asking a judge to hold off the upcoming trial over the image placed on her first mixtape after being sued nearly four years ago. ‘According to documents obtained by @TMZ_TV, Cardi is asking to postpone the trial slated for October due to her recently giving birth to her second child, a baby boy, on September 4th,’ TSR notes.
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A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) ‘Cardi feels she shouldn’t be required to travel from the East Coast to Southern CA because she needs to be with her newborn. In the documents, she also mentions the risk of COVID-19. If you recall, Cardi’s mixtape ‘Gangsta Bi*** Music, Vol. One’ captures her with a man placed in between her legs while she drinks a beer,’ TSR said.
The man Kevin Brophy sued her, and he claimed that he never posed for the photo or permitted Cardi to use his likeness. ‘In addition, he claimed the ordeal ruined his life, and he is seeking at least $5 million in damages. Cardi is requesting the trial to be postponed at least 75 days, but currently, the judge hasn’t decided,’ TSR noted.
Someone said: ‘Now Kevin! We can’t even see your face,’ and another follower posted this: ‘Not the cover ruining his life & nobody can even see his face.’
A fan said: ‘If you broke, just say that had she only stayed a local rapper, he wouldn’t have cared,’ and one other follower posted this: ‘5 million??? Whewww somebody gone on and use my pic without consent.’
A commenter said: ‘5 million? ruining his life? sir we only see your back, wouldn’t know that was you if yeen say nothing.’
Someone else said: ‘Nobody would have known it was you if you didn’t say anything and nigga you pose for the picture.’
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