Celebrity Sex Confessions Exposed! From The Mile High Club To S&M

Rihanna Celebrity Sex Confessions

The bedroom secrets of the stars are exposed! Famous people love to talk about themselves. Yet, it’s not just stories about backyard barbecues that they’re sharing. Some celebs aren’t shy about revealing to the world what goes on behind closed doors. Remember the time that Rihanna told the Rolling Stone about how much she enjoyed being submissive and tied up in the bedroom? Or, who can forget the time that Kris Jenner claimed that she was part of the mile high club and the stewardess congratulated her with Champagne afterwards?

Celebrity Sex Confessions Kris Jenner


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Sure, some celebrity sex confessions are more cringe-worthy than others. Russell Brand should have consulted his publicist before talking about his bedroom antics during his stand-up act. Then, there are others that will leave your mouth hanging wide open in jealousy. So, from Angelina Jolie to Patrick Dempsey see which celebrity isn’t shy when it comes to chatting about their sex life.

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TMI in some cases? But, hey, sharing is caring!


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