Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations That Will Inspire You

4 Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations That Will Inspire You.

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#4. Jordin Sparks

American Idol alum Jordin Sparks lost 50 pounds in 18 months back in 2012, according to E! News. “I just wanted to be healthy,” she told Shape at the time. “I remember thinking, ‘I’m in my prime. I should be happy and fit.'” Sparks started walking every day and watching her portion sizes, then worked with a trainer to build muscle. “There’s no quick or magical way to lose weight,” she told Redbook. “You just have to do it the natural way—diet and exercise and stick to it—and be able to do it at your own pace.”

#3. Melissa McCarthy

Back in 2011, Melissa McCarthy told People her body was a “work in progress,” but since then, she’s lost a reported 75 pounds. She’s now a size 14, and attributes her weight loss to her laid-back lifestyle. “No trick, nothing to tell, just super boring life. You bring it real down, you don’t do anything fun and you go to bed at 7:30 — that’s the trick,” she told Extratv.

#2. Miranda Lambert

Country singer Miranda Lambert lost about 20 pounds back in 2014 and has kept it off since—without any miracle diet. “You get tired of any diet. I’ve tried everything,” she told Women’s Health. “I just literally would make grilled chicken breast, sweet potato salad. There was no miracle.” For the country singer, it wasn’t about the scale, but how she felt as she approached 30. “I just thought, maybe if I get ahead of it a little, I won’t have to work so hard later in life,” she said to People.com

#1. Khloe Kardashian

Earlier this year, in a promo for her weight-loss show Revenge Body, Khloe Kardashian admitted that her family actually asked her to lose weight. She’s also documented her weight-loss journey on Instagram—in one before-and-after photo, she referenced her 40-pound weight loss, which she told Women’s Health was motivated by her break-up with ex-husband Lamar Odom. “If you were to ask me five years ago if … I would be an inspiration to many others, that I would be the push that others needed to find their way. I would’ve laughed in your face. Me? The chubby one? No way!” she wrote on Instagram.

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