Christine Brown is Getting DRAGGED for Providing Dangerous Medical Advice

Christine Brown is apparently at it again.

Much to the chagrin and irritation of social media users who are starting to catch on.

Earlier this week, the veteran Sister Wives star penned a message on Instagram in regard to something every middle-aged woman faces:


Christine Brown in front of the camera
Christine Brown is featured in this Sister Wives interview. (TLC)

She wrote the following on her official account:

Navigating menopause felt like a battle against relentless discomfort hot flashes during the day sleepless nights drenched in sweat, and mood swings that left me feeling unrecognizable.

So far, so reasonable, right?

The 51-year old is simply relating to other women who may be experiencing these kinds of symptoms.

Christine Brown via Sister Wives confessional
Christine Brown opens up via a confessional in this Sister Wives scene. (TLC)

But then the mother of six wrote how she was “desperate for a solution that could restore my sense could restore my sense of normalcy and well-being.”

And then she told people “seeking relief from menopause’s grip” that they could “explore solutions together” and she asked them to click on the link of a different Instagram account.

We’re not gonna repeat it here.

But the account is related to Plexus Worldwide, the supplement company for which both Christine and Janelle Brown have worked as salespeople.

And which many observers believe to be a pyramid scheme.

Christine Brown on TLC episode
Christine Brown looks directly into the camera and gets serious in this Season 18 confessional scene. (TLC)

Christine, you see, also told her fans to type “info” in her comments section to get the so-called solution in private DMs.

That’s a tad bit shady on its own, we’d say.

Moreover, Christine disabled comments on this post.

Probably because she was afraid of the pushback she was inevitably going to receive.

Plexus, you see, pushes supplement such as some kind of “pink drink.”

It is company whose website claims it is “on the cutting edge of health science, with a range of products focused on every aspect of your health and happiness.”

It allegedly helps to rid the “body of the bad stuff” and “pave the way to better digestive health.”

Here’s one red flag, however: None of its products have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Christine Brown Looks Confused
Christine Brown sits here on a confessional couch and looks a little confused. (tLC)

Read the official Plexus website in its entirety and the sketchy multi-level marketing plan is basically spelled out for all to see, as it tells potential salespeople:

Introduce the people you love to the products you love—because really, they’re too great to keep to yourself. Change someone’s life with a great product, and change your own life with the opportunity to grow your income, earn incredible rewards, and find personal fulfillment.

Love it. Share it. Become an Ambassador.

This is basically the definition of a pyramid scheme, something Meri Brown would also know a lot about.

Christine Brown and David Woolley look so cute in this photo from Sister Wives
Christine Brown and David Woolley look so cute in this photo from Sister Wives. (TLC)

Christine often talks about female empowerment on social media — and we are ALL for that.

But what does that have to do with promoting these shady drinks and shakes and drugs?

“Being a self-made woman who rocks her own skin and builds her own business? Hell yeah!” wrote Christine about herself last month on Instagram.

She later wrote that “your voice is a superpower,” which is great advice in theory.

But let’s be sure it’s a superpower one only uses for good, shall we?

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