COACHELLA IN 5 MINUTES | 2018 Weekend 2

O P E N · F O R

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Criss Cross Top (Day 1)

Hazel Top ‣ code jasmine20 for 20% off!

Fun fact: Leo went to high school with the founder of this brand, Salt + Coco! She had a vision for this swimsuit brand and made it come true 😍


A quick recap of our weekend at Coachella 2018.

Please excuse the audio! Last year I used overlaid the artists’s real songs over their Coachella performances and the video ended up not being able to be played on mobile devices in certain countries. This year, I used the audio I picked up from Coachella without being able to make the audio sound as good as it could.

I also want to say sorry if any of you feel my videos have been impersonal lately. Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been behind on videos. I thought that if I don’t stress about filming too much footage, it’ll be easier to edit. When I find the time to edit between work, dance, and drum, the amount of footage has thankfully been easier to work with. I understand that it may feel a bit disconnected and I feel it too. It’s just been mostly to help me in the editing process. This year has been a year of learning lots of new things. I’m finally in the right mindset to continue editing (and I’m so glad because I truly love making videos so much)! Thank you for being patient with me, I truly appreciate it. I promise things will be back to normal as soon as I catch up (which I’m hoping will be within a month). 💛

Here’s a recap of last year’s O C I A L

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Tumblr ‣ ‣ A V O R I T E S

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PO Box 18151

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Editing ‣ Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Canon G7x ii ‣ ‣ PLEASE DO NOT BUY OR ASK YOUR PARENTS FOR THESE if you’re just starting out on YouTube. It’s not what you buy, it’s what you do with what you already have. Check out this beautiful video by Saresque that was shot on just an iPhone ‣ Day counter inspired by 500 DOS


Have an amazing week!

Love, Jasmine

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