Cultural Appropriation Cultural Appropriation is

Cultural Appropriation

Cultural Appropriation is topic that can be the definition of offending someone’s culture. From the specific hairstyle the black people originally created to the qipao which is originated in the Asian culture. The reason why cultural Appropriation is such a bad thing is because the people wear these specific hairstyle or dress must’ve saw a celebrity like the Kardashians wearing at one point in their lives and believe it to be a trend. Famous Designers probably know that dreadlocks and cornrows are originated by the black people, but decides to have a white model like Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid since they don’t think it’s a big deal since it’s just a hairstyle.

I think the reason why people sometimes get offended when another person that isn’t part of their culture and is wearing something that is possibly theirs is because they know that they are going to have positive compliments to the media more than when they wear the hair or clothing themselves. If a celebrity like Rihanna wears something like Dreadlocks because she can, the article would say “Rihanna’s new hairstyle and we aren’t sure how to feel about it” whilst If Lady Gaga does the same thing, she would be praised for it until someone decides to call it out. A specific hairstyle, outfit, Music is only acknowledge in positive if a person from outside of the culture does the deed.

One of the things I can kind of find funny is that people will call a certain celebrity because they might be well-known but when another celebrity does it, nobody says anything even though they aren’t part of that culture. For example The kardashians get a lot of shit mostly because the way they style their hair in a way a black person would wear and show the media believe to be a trend, whereas Rita Ora has done something similar to what the kardashians may have done but isn’t part of the culture at all.

Many think Cultural Appropriation is BS, while others who is part of a culture like Asian, Native American or African-America doesn’t see it as a big deal. I think the reason why most people see cultural appropriation as not that big of deal is because in way everybody has been doing cultural appropriating since the beginning. Like Yoga can apparently be considered as cultural appropriation because the exercise was originated in India and tattoos are originated in the Asian culture. Sometimes a dress or a hair may have died out by the culture, when a girl from Dutch posted a picture of herself wearing a Qipao, she got a lot of backlash due to the fact she was cultural appropriating because the dress was originated in China. but fashion blogger and Beijing-based writer Hung Huang said the garment is no longer that meaningful to the Chinese.

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