Deavan Clegg: I Never Had an Abortion! What is Wrong with You People?!?

Deavan Clegg has a question for the haters and the critics.

It’s a pretty simple one and a pretty straightforward one.

And it goes like this:


Deavan Clegg image

The 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star was forced late last week to take to social media in order set the record straight about something ratherr urgent and personal.

Amid her legal drama with estranged husband Jihoon Lee, Clegg had to sign online and shoot down speculation that she had an abortion.

She did so a couple months after the world learned she had suffered a miscarriage.

“Last night I was informed of something so horrible and sinister,” wrote the polarizing TLC personality.

“I wasn’t going to speak on this but seeing as so many people believe this said blogger, I want to make a statement.

“I want to first [start] off by saying I believe women have a choice and can do whatever they want with their body.”

In other words, Clegg is pro-choice. She isn’t saying anything here about the topic of abortion in general or anything — she’s just stating a fact about her own life.

“Last night, a troll account claiming to be a nurse in Korea told a blogger I had an abortion,” continued the 24-year old in her post via Instagram Stories.

“This is false, and I’m shocked anyone would claim that.

“My miscarriage was the hardest time in my life. And I still struggle.”

Clegg is a mother of of two; she shares 22-month-old son Taeyang with Lee, and five-year old daughter Drascilla (picitured below) with an ex-boyfriend.

In November, she opened up as follows on air:

“A few weeks ago, we found out I was pregnant again. At first, I was really scared. We just barely had [son] Taeyang and we are definitely not financially stable for another one.”

“But then I got really excited,” Deavan continued, adding that “stuff happens for a reason.”

She added at the time: “A baby is always a blessing and I was accepting it and ready to do it.”

However, at a subsequent doctor’s appointment, the reality star was told she had lost the baby.

In this new message, Clegg said the abortion rumors were spread “without proof, claiming it to [be] true” and alleged it wasn’t the first time she has dealt with inaccurate claims from this particular blogger.

We completely get her anger, you know?

How dare any stranger make something like this up?

devean message

“The fact people are believing this. It’s shocking and I’ve been shaken up because of the horrible comments,” Clegg concluded.

“Firstly, abortion is illegal in Korea and any nurse who would claim that would be breaking the law and would face imprisonment.

“He’s claiming my ex confirmed this. I’m truly disgusted and heartbroken.

“If that’s true, I can’t believe they would sink that low. My miscarriage was absolutely one of the worst experiences in my life…

“I’m just shocked and completely appalled.”

Deavan lengthy statement came shortly after Lee hired an attorney to represent him in his divorce from Clegg.

The South Korea resident and Salt Lake City, Utah resident are currently preparing for a custody battle over their son in the wake of their tumultuous break-up.

After she returned to the United States post-marital drama, Lee confirmed the decision to part ways in August of 2020.

Clegg announced she filed for divorce from Lee in September and is now dating Christopher “Topher” Park.


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