Devoin Austin to Briana DeJesus: Worry Less About Me and More About Your STDs!

Have you been keeping up with the great big feud between Briana DeJesus and the first baby daddy, Devoin Austin?

If not, we don’t blame you — it’s been a lot to keep up with, and it’s been super, super messy.

And if you have … well, then it should be no surprise to you that things are only getting crazier.

OK, so Briana and Devoin have never really gotten along all that well since they had their daughter, Nova.

They’ve fought on and off over the years, and usually the gist of it all is that she calls him a deadbeat dad while he insists that he’s doing his best and she never really gives him a chance.

And that’s what the issue has been with this argument that’s been going on for the past few weeks, except just a whole lot more intense.

Briana got mad because Devoin posted on Instagram about how he wanted to buy a new PlayStation 5 and how he had the cash ready — according to her, he shouldn’t be spending money on things like that when he could be spending it on Nova.

She started posting all this stuff on her own Instagram, things about how she was giving up on both of the fathers of her children and that maybe she’d just up and move to Texas.

Then she went on a massive Twitter rant about the situation, saying that Devoin can buy a PlayStation but he won’t buy an iPad for Nova to use while she’s with him and complaining that this isn’t the first time this kind of thing has happened.

She said that he wasn’t a consistent father, even though she admitted that he picks her up from school every day and spends more time with her during the week than she does.

Devoin was quick to respond — he argued that he buys Nova clothes and toys all the time, and that he takes care of her every day.

He also pointed out that Briana makes quite a bit more money than he does with her Teen Mom 2 gig, which is definitely relevant.

She kept trying to tell him that she doesn’t make as much money as he thinks she does, and we even saw them having that conversation on the latest episode of Teen Mom 2.

But he’s not having it.

Devoin and Nova 4

An additional issue is that while they’re having this big issue, Briana’s new boyfriend, Javi, keeps trying to insert himself in their business.

Javi (not Marroquin, by the way, apparently Briana just has a thing for dudes named Javi) has made several Instagram posts about how men need to step up and take care of their children, that kind of thing — lots of “real men” type stuff.

In his latest post, he wrote. “If you a father and don’t wanna do anything and everything for your child you can’t call yourself a man.”

“F-ck a 50/50,” he continued. “I split the time with my Bm but I take care of 100% of my 2 daughters financial needs.”

“Not because she can’t help idc how much money she has tbh. But I do it because I want to show my daughters how a REAL MAN MOVES. What a real provider is like.”

“F-ck that you need it dad got it,” Javi concluded. “We set examples. Don’t let your legacy be trash.”

So that’s obviously directed towards Devoin, as so many of Javi’s posts are.

It obviously ignores the fact that Briana is on television and she puts Nova in lots of expensive activities without considering how much Devoin, who works as a server during a pandemic, can contribute.

And again, it’s not really any of his business.

But don’t worry — Devoin handled all of that nonsense with a much more pithy message.

“PSA,” he wrote, “don’t check me check yo bitch at the clinic.”

There it is.

Devoin selfie

He is, of course, referring to the tragic tale of Briana’s random hookup with Baby Daddy #2, Luis Miguel, last year — the one that resulted in her catching gonorrhea.

As of now, Briana hasn’t responded to this particular jab, and we can’t imagine she will.

After all, how do you come back from something like that?

Instead, she’ll probably continue to bash Devoin’s spending habits while trying to convince everyone that she’s broke.

Whose side are you on here?


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