Dilbar Khiladi (2018) NEW RELEASED Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | 2018 Latest Blockbuster Movie

DILBAR KHILADI [HD] 2018 – Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Surabhi, Nivetha Thomas | Latest South Dubbed Hindi Movies 2018 Full Movie | South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi Full Movie 2018 New

Aishwarya, the daughter of a wealthy entrepreneur, boards a flight back to Hyderabad from the United States. Catherine, a visual effects designer returning from a month-long workshop, boards the same flight in London. To help pass the time, they share their love stories. Catherine explains that she is in a relationship with Gautham, a graduate who owns an adventure club, and Aishwarya shares that her fiancé Jayaram “Jai” Mullapudi is an award-winning entrepreneur who manages his father’s company JaiGowri Finance.

When Aishwarya and Catherine reach Hyderabad, they are met by Jai and the former’s cousin Vamsi. Catherine is shocked to see that Jai is a lookalike of Gautham. After learning from Gautham’s mother Yashoda about his death in an accident ten days earlier, she leaves his house grief-stricken. An investigative journalist named Nithya meets her and tells her that she suspects that Gautham was murdered. They initially suspect David, Catherine’s uncle, who is admitted to a hospital after an overdose of narcotics.

Catherine reaches the hospital only to learn that Jai has kidnapped the comatose David. Nithya uncovers information about a potential accounting scandal in JaiGowri Finance, and learns that the suicide of Jai’s uncle Mohan and Gautham’s accident happened on the same day. Catherine and Nithya decide to spy on Jai. Aishwarya recommends Catherine to Jai for a job in the latter’s company, to which he reluctantly agrees. Catherine’s presence in the company disturbs Jai, who soon realises that she is spying on him. Nevertheless, he remains silent. Catherine overhears a conversation between Vamsi and Jai where the former threatens to disclose the latter’s involvement in Gautham’s murder to the media. She later gains information about the security arrangements of the company by coercing her team leader Sudarshanam. Nithya provides a duplicate of the master key to Jai’s cabin.

Catherine finds the discharge papers of David and Gautham and a document confirming transfer of ₹5 billion from Aishwarya’s company. She later leaves for an orphanage where David is being treated and finds him dead. Catherine and Nithya spot Jai running away from the orphanage, which strengthens their suspicions. At a party, Jai is disturbed after observing a growing intimacy between Catherine and Vamsi, an intimacy created by Catherine to provoke Jai. After mustering courage, Jai kills Vamsi and manages to make it look like a road accident. Jai then destroys all the documents Vamsi had been using to blackmail him.

The following day, Aishwarya finds Jai’s clothes and a photograph of him in Catherine’s closet and suspects an illicit relationship between them. After Aishwarya calls off her engagement, Catherine confronts Jai and challenges to unveil his real self as a murderer and fraudster. Initially stoic, an emotional Jai reveals that he is Gautham himself by showing a wrist band Catherine had given him before leaving for London. The couple reconcile and Gautham starts narrating the truth.


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