Divine Manifestation : The Secret to the Law of Attraction NO ONE TALKS ABOUT

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This video will show you Divine Manifestation – The Secret to the Law of Attraction NO ONE TALKS ABOUT. Transcript below….

This video I’m going to be sharing with you that have divine manifestation showing you a way of going beyond that, of the ego construct of how we create our reality to create things in our life easier than ever. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now in this video I’m going to be sharing with you that of understanding divine manifestation and how many of what we call it, enlightened people manifest from a higher level paradigm. Now, I’m sure you’ve seen me before in almost every other video sharing that chart of consciousness also right here just because I feel like sharing it. You see that charter consciousness right here. You’ll see at the bottom of that you’ll see lower vibrational emotions such as shame, fear, guilt. You’ll see it eventually move up to neutrality, the neutrality. It goes to willingness eventually or acceptance, and then you get to that of reasoning and then you got love above love.

You eventually see joy, peace, and enlightenment. Now the idea is that the higher up the scale we go, the more we realize our divine essence, who we really are. When we’re at the lower level paradigms, we are emphasizing the ego. The Ego is what we use in physical reality and physical reality. We have the ego. The ego is kind of like our avatar because at greater levels we are immortal. Spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences. So in our lives, what happens is we forget that who we are, we’re born, we forget it. Maybe even when we’re born, we could say we knew this or we remember this when we’re even younger, but through social conditioning, it gets socially conditioned into us that we are our egos, that we must identify with our senses. Eat a big Mac because how delicious is that? And would you like fries with that because it’s even more stimulation.

And then you go, well, the next thing I want to do is this thing of stimulation, this thing, all this stuff, commercials. Uh, everything that is marketed to us is to get us into our senses. Because when we’re in our senses, we totally are identified with it and then we think that we are our ego and when we think our ego, we are our ego. We didn’t play very small and we manifest things from I really, really want that because it just got marketed me on television and that person has it, and if I had it, I’d feel more whole and complete. However, here’s the thing, as we raise our vibration, manifestation becomes easier because we’re in a higher frequency, not only that, we start to identify and we start to relate to more of our divine essence and as we let go of lower vibrational states of emotion, we also let go of excessive desire.

I really, really want that because we realize we’re already whole and complete not divine manifestation is about understanding the truth about who we are so that we can then manifest things easier than ever from a totally new paradigm and from a higher level frequency. Now, as you move up the scale, you will embody more love, more gratitude, more awareness that the other people in your life or reflections have you. At the deepest level, so whatever you do to someone else, you do to another aspect of yourself because literally that person at the deepest level is another aspect of self and when you understand, you start to raise your vibration, that’s when things begin to change. Now you see the charter conscious, and I’m gonna come back now when I read a book called autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda. This is a book that I’ve been promoting a lot lately are telling people it’s a really good book.

It’s a book that a Steve Jobs read every single day or no, every single year for the last 40 years of his life. It’s also the only book he had on his ipod or an ipad or. Yeah, and also it’s a book that, uh, is basically an enlightened guy that goes through enlightenment and toxic. He brought yoga to the west, to America, and it’s his life story of what…

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This video is about Divine Manifestation – The Secret to the Law of Attraction NO ONE TALKS ABOUT

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